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A huge benefit of owning a static caravan to take your holidays in is that caravans are quite simple to maintain but it is a fact that some maintenance is required to keep your caravan in optimum condition. We have compiled a list of Static Caravan Maintenance tips to make your life easier. Static Caravan […]

Most caravan holiday parks have a shop for basic groceries and it’s usually not too far to travel from the holiday park to get to a supermarket. However, if it’s the first day of your holiday and you are likely to arrive late you should pick up a few things before you leave such as […]

  This summer thousands of holidaymakers will spend a well-earned break in UK holiday resorts, many of them staying in static caravans. We would like to remind static caravan owners of their obligations with regard to TV licensing so that you don’t find yourselves on the receiving end of a nasty fine. To some static […]

A Static Caravan awning doesn’t just improve the appearance of a static caravan; it’s also very useful for a number of purposes including: Protection from rain It’s unusual for there not to be some rain on a holiday taken in Britain and a caravan awning is great for leaving your muddy boots and shoes under […]

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Most holiday parks will allow Gardening on your Static Caravan Pitch, provided you are not intending to recreate the rain forest!  It’s always best to check what is permitted before signing the pitch agreement. Usually, you will be allowed to plant flowers and small trees or place decorative pots around the caravan. The garden area […]

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Anyone who has Welsh friends, living outside of Wales, will often hear them refer to Wales as God’s country. It’s usually said in a jovial and nostalgic way when making comparisons with other regions of the UK but a visit to Sirior Bach Caravan Park makes you believe that perhaps they have a point. The […]

Adviceby Sirior Bach

The UK has the busiest and largest, market for the retail of Static Caravans in Europe, as many people are now seeing the benefits of owning their own Static Holiday Home. Apart from your home, a static caravan is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make, and so it should be a good one. […]

Adviceby Sirior Bach

Owning a static caravan comes close to owning a house itself, and with such an investment, a lot of care and maintenance is needed for the caravan to stay in good condition throughout its lifetime. Below are some tips on how to keep your static caravan in perfect condition during the winter months, and how […]

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  Sometimes caravans get a bad reputation, but as with anything else, the quality of your caravan will depend on how much time, effort, and money you put into it. Once upon a time, a caravan might have been a cheaper, perhaps even low-quality, type of holiday home, but these days a nice caravan can […]

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Staying in static caravans and having summer holidays in the UK is something enjoyed by over 40% of us annually. The caravan holidays of yesteryear are almost considered prehistoric when we consider the extensive range of things included in the luxury static caravans of today. We have all the mod cons we could possibly need, […]

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  For the majority of caravan owners, their caravan will not be the place where they spend the majority of their time. This means that for many days, weeks or even months of the year a caravan will be left empty and while it is – it needs protecting. Similarly, many people who do spend […]

For a lot of people, their Static Caravan is a home from home and so it’s of the essence that it is protected against all eventualities. Even if your caravan is based on a Static Caravan park in North Wales, which boasts some of the tightest and well-advanced security systems, there is still little to […]

Advice, Newsby Sirior Bach

Recycling whilst staying on North Wales static caravan parks makes sense, just as it does when you’re at home. It’s easy to do, takes minimum effort and even one small change can make a world of difference. Understanding the best ways to recycle and to produce less waste is important for the ecosystem of our […]

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The weather forecast is not looking too bad this year for an Easter caravan holiday in North Wales.  Nevertheless, it’s always wise to prepare for the worst, just in case the Met Office is wrong again! Here are some tips for things to bring with you so that your Easter break will be enjoyable, no […]

Advice, Newsby Sirior Bach

For those people who viewed Holiday Lodges for sale in North Wales and then purchased one at Sirior Bach,  part of the decision-making process for the ‘green fingered’ is often the size of plot and the ability to have a garden.  The winter season is usually a quiet period for horticulture, but it will not be […]

Owners at Sirior Bach Caravan Park in Abergele know how beautiful the surroundings are for a romantic holiday in North Wales. Stunningly picturesque countryside, not far from the beach and mountain lakes at Snowdonia add to the ambience.  Many owners arrive every year with their families to enjoy fabulous holidays. But the luxury of owning […]

Before viewing luxury lodges in North Wales with the intention to buy, chances are you’ll have taken more than one holiday in the area. Many people debate whether to buy or continue hiring holiday homes for several years before making a decision.  That’s a good thing because purchasing a lodge is not an insignificant investment. […]

Looking at holiday lodges for sale, North Wales may be worth looking at in the new year? Check out the Pemberton Arrondale 2017 model if you want a holiday home with the “wow” factor! There is no doubt that customer demand for holiday lodges has led manufacturers to design more sophisticated, contemporary models. The Pemberton Arrondale […]

The popularity of Cycling in North Wales can be seen every year. Thousands of cyclists choose caravan holiday parks for cheap accommodation as a base to set out on nearby cycling routes. The cycling routes can be taken at an easy pace or you can travel the more challenging ones, through mountain passes and rough […]

Having bought a  caravan, and enjoyed several holidays and short breaks in it, when was the last time you carried out any caravan chassis maintenance? If your caravan is a new model the manufacturer will have provided a chassis warranty, which differs in length depending on your supplier. As an example, Willerby Caravans supply an […]

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