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Cycling in North Wales is a Breeze with an Electric Bike

Cycling in North Wales is a Breeze with an Electric Bike

The popularity of Cycling in North Wales can be seen every year. Thousands of cyclists choose caravan holiday parks for cheap accommodation as a base to set out on nearby cycling routes.

The cycling routes can be taken at an easy pace or you can travel the more challenging ones, through mountain passes and rough terrain.  However, some people feel that they just don’t have the stamina even though they would love to participate.

Whilst electric bikes have been available for quite some time, they haven’t really been taken seriously by cyclists until recently.  As technology has progressed, these bikes can travel up to 15mph which is the legal limit in the UK. For those who want to cycle but don’t have abundant energy to pedal, electric bikes provide the solution.

Here are 5 excellent reasons for purchasing an electric bike for cycling in North Wales:

1. Keep Fit

Although a traditional pedal bike is likely enhance your personal fitness more, it very much depends on how often you use it and how much effort you put into it. For example, hilly countryside is more challenging so novices might be put off and stick to the flat road. Since an electric bike reduces the effort by 50 percent, travelling along challenging routes becomes a more attractive proposition.  This encourages cyclists to ride them more often and hence get more exercise.

2. Climbing Hills

Some of the hills in North Wales present daunting gradients for conventional cyclists. Imagine how many you could pass on your electric bike!

3. Perspiration reduction

Strenuous cycling can cause you to perspire profusely.  On long cycle routes it’s more than likely that your deodorant will have worn off. Also many people don’t appreciate that when you sweat, you lose salt (sodium). The amount lost will vary depending on factors such as how much you drink on your cycle run and the outside temperature. Sodium loss is dramatically reduced when using an electric bike.

4. See more in less time

Cycling in North Wales is a joy but on a conventional cycle the distance you can go depends on your energy, fitness and time you have available. On an electric bike you can go faster, expend less energy and go further.

5. No licensing hassle

There is no difference between and electric bike and a conventional one as far as the law is concerned.  Nevertheless It does make sense to insure it even though you are not obliged to.

Cycling in North Wales near Sirior Bach Caravan Park

Cycling enthusiasts who own a static caravan on the exclusive Sirior Bach Caravan Park have an ideal base to set out from. Quite apart from the myriad of cycling routes in North Wales there are many you can commence from Abergele. Click on Biking in Abergele for specific maps and routes.


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