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Spring Static Caravan Maintenance Jobs

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Spring Static Caravan Maintenance Jobs

As an owner of a holiday caravan, it’s definitely worth carrying out regular static caravan maintenance to ensure that it’s kept in tip-top condition and to ensure that you get the best out of your holiday experience. As the weather improves, so does the need to concentrate on the outside areas of your holiday home, as you will be wanting to spend more time on the patio and in the garden during the coming months.

Exterior static caravan maintenance

As with any outside structure, you will notice a general build-up of dirt and grime showing on the roof, windows and walls of your caravan. The majority of walls are either white or a cream colour, which results in any mould or green algae growth showing up more than it would on a darker green colour van. An easy way to clean the exterior walls is to use a bucket of soapy water, and a mop or sponge. It is possible to purchase several cleaning products specific to preventing the build-up of dirt. You can also use a pressure washer, but be careful that any excess water doesn’t penetrate the wall joints which could cause further damp problems.

Caravan roof and gutters

It is essential to clear out any blocked up gutters regularly, and at the same time check the condition of the caravan roof. If you spot any areas of concern, attend to them promptly to prevent any further damage and water ingress.

Doors and window frames

These are prone to dirt and grime and may be susceptible to weathering and disintegration of the rubber seals around the double glazing. A proprietary UPVC cleaner will bring up the window frames as good as new.

Veranda, decking and entrance steps

The quality of these should be checked on a regular basis, especially if constructed from wood or metal as these can rot and corrode over time. Woodwork and decking need to be treated with a good quality, wood stain or paint when usually an annual treatment to preserve the quality of the timber is required.

Wheels and towing brackets

On a static caravan, these are generally overlooked especially as they may be hidden by decking or skirting around the bottom of your caravan. However, should you wish to re-site your holiday home they will need to be in a stable and useable condition, so keep them greased for that ‘just-in-case’ situation.

Caravan anchors

Your static caravan should be well anchored to a concrete slab or the road to prevent any movement during bad weather. Check them regularly to ensure that they are in good order and also check that your plumbing and sewage pipes are in good condition, and aligned correctly, as any movement can cause these pipes to move slightly.

Regular static caravan maintenance is the best way of saving money on maintenance costs since jobs left unattended for long periods of time can cause significant damage.

Caravan insurance

While ensuring that your holiday home is in the best condition outside, make sure that your static caravan insurance is current and covers any eventuality.

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