Whether you’re looking for rolling green hills or sandy beaches, there’s nothing like a staycation to make the most of England’s lush scenery. But it’s not only natural beauties; there are also fantastic heritage sites sprinkled throughout the nation where you can learn about English history. Here are our 6 English Heritage sites to visit:


  1. Dover Castle

If you’re visiting Dover, don’t miss this incredible fortress, which has everything from an amazing Great Tower to Secret Wartime Tunnels hidden deep within Dover’s famed White Cliffs.

History fans will enjoy learning about the castle, which is England’s longest-serving fortress, and has witnessed events ranging from the Romans to the Cold War. There are various re-enactments around the 80 acres of grounds to truly take you back in time.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is an iconic structure that stretches 73 miles from coast to coast, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was erected by the Romans circa 122 AD. It spans some of England’s most wild and spectacular landscapes.

The highest point in Winshields is the Wall, which offers unrivalled views of the lush green surrounds. Learn of the history of this fortress while taking in the 360 degree views. Not that walking along the wall is free but some of the activities and places nearby will charge admission.

  1. Blackbury Camp

As you walk through the magnificent natural terrain filled with colourful bluebells and twisting trees, you’ll feel as if you’ve walked into a storybook.

This hillfort goes back to the Iron Age, and there are relics that show it once had formidable ramparts, but it’s now better suitable for lovely picnics and scenic hikes – and dogs are allowed! The park is free to enter, however it is only open during daytime hours.

  1. Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre

This historical landmark stood strong from the beginning to the end of Roman control, and the site of this Saxon Shore fortification is still marked by massive stone walls.

There’s also a museum with intriguing exhibits that provide fascinating historical information about the site and surrounding areas.

  1. Bolsover Castle

This magnificent castle, built during the Stuart era and meant to amaze, is still a popular destination in Derbyshire.

Take a stroll around the beautiful fountain gardens, learn about the history through interactive displays, or simply enjoy the splendour of the interiors on a tour of the Little Castle. Play area for the little ones and extensive grounds make this worth the trip.

  1. Down House (Home of Charles Darwin)

Hundreds of years ago, Charles Darwin and his wife Emma resided here, and it was here that the scientist authored his revolutionary ‘On the Origin of the Species.’ Follow in the historical scientist’s footsteps while exploring the award-winning gardens where he spent many hours making observations and conducting experiments that would later help develop his ground-breaking theories.

Today, you may stroll around the beautiful grounds, peep into the rooms, and even have Sir David Attenborough conduct you on a video tour of the home.

Photo of Dover Castle