The 7 Best Antique Shops in North Wales

There are a lot of great antique shops in North Wales. But what makes one the best? Well, it’s not just about the deals that you can find there, although the best antique shops have deals that will make your day! It’s also about how friendly and knowledgeable staff members are. Having a strong background in antiques is a great asset when speaking with the shop employees!

In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the best antique shops in North Wales, so if you’re looking for something special to add to your house or office – or as a gift for that special someone – look no further.

What are some things to look for in a good Antique Shop?

A good antique shop should have a good selection of items at a reasonable price. You should be able to browse around and find quite a few items that you like. Beware of shops that have items that look antique but really aren’t. (Like Coca-Cola products from the 1990’s, for instance) A good shop will have knowledgeable people who are willing to help you find what you are looking for.

Here is our selection of the 7 Best Antique Shops in North Wales

If you are looking for the best antique shops in the area, then look no further than this list that we have put together.

Cambrian Clearance

Cambrian has an enormous selection of treasures to choose from. This magnificent place has been called a treasure trove of practically anything and everything that you could be looking for. You could spend days in there admiring and trying to select the perfect pieces for your space.

If you are looking for great pieces at great prices, then you won’t be disappointed. Their prices won’t break the bank and they have plenty of friendly staff to talk with you while you browse! Parking is also plentiful and easy to find.

Plus, they’re just a short walk away from great restaurants! Whether you are looking for a specific piece for your house or just like to browse, plan a trip and see for yourself why Cambrian Clearance should be your one-stop shopping destination for all of life’s little (and big) treasures.

Toad Hall Antiques & Salvage

If you’re the sort of person who loves rummaging around at antique shops and antique auctions, Toad Hall is an absolute delight. Rows upon rows of things make browsing fantastic fun. A one-stop-shop for all your vintage needs; whether it’s old furniture or paraphernalia, they’ve got it all!

Toad Hall Antiques & Salvage is a lovely antique shop with a huge selection of really interesting items. They categorize their pieces beautifully. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, this place has something that’s just right for every taste.

Coastal Antiques

Coastal Antiques is home to some of the most interesting finds from around the world. From local antiques that have been in family’s homes for generations, to rare pieces only known by their manufacturers or collectors.

You should take a drive out to Coastal Antiques to see their montage of paintings from different periods and styles to sculptures that represent significant moments in history.

As you walk through their store, a glimpse into each room with artfully displayed artifacts lit up with vibrant colors. You’ll find something for everyone no matter what your interests are!

Courtyard Antiques

This wonderfully curated shop boasts a fun layout, friendly employees, and one of the best selections around! If you are looking for something to steal your heart or make an extra statement in your home this is the place to go.

From furniture to dishes, this store has exactly what you are looking for. Wander through Courtyard Antiques today!

The Works Antiques Centre

The Works Antiques Center is a beautiful place to visit. You’ll find tons of hidden gems on either side of the stairs and an assortment of beautiful furniture throughout the store.

Sure, it’s easy to spot the popular items in the shop, but don’t forget about the two floors with reasonable prices and helpful staff waiting at every turn.

Visit The Works Antiques Centre their one of the best antique shops around.

Penderyn Antiques

Do you know how some places have you feeling all giddy with anticipation to even enter? Well, that’s what Penderyn Antiques is like. This beautiful stop has the highest quality selection of elegant antiques and vintage finds for sale.

Plus, they carry an incredible variety of items from succulents to pottery, meaning there are plenty of options for you. From linen napkins to art deco accents, Penderyn Antiques carries it all at competitive pricing!

You’ll be pleased with their fast communication as well as the first-rate customer service they offer every single day. If antiques are your thing or if you’re looking for something charming for your new space, make sure you put Penderyn Antiques on your list!

Carmarthen Antiques Centre

The Carmarthen Antiques Centre has something for every taste with elegant antique pieces to quirky vintage gems. You can find anything in this Aladdin’s cave of treasures, with antiques dating back hundreds of years and exquisite handmade pieces to suit all budgets. Make sure you visit the charming shop with its beautiful layout when you are in Carmarthen!

The North Wales antique shops are an absolute must-visit for any lover of antiques. Whether you’re looking to find something special for your home or the perfect piece for a resale business, these stores will not disappoint! If you love vintage items and have yet to visit one of the many well-established retailers in this region, we recommend a visit to one – or more – of these shops today. You won’t regret it!